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    Fortress Data Centers
    Fortress by definition is a place of
    exceptional security. At Fortress Data
    Centers we are focused on security in
    service, customer support, and value.
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    Fortress Data CentersTier 3 Data Centers
    Fortress Data CentersCarrier Neutral
    Fortress Data Centers99.999% Uptime
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    Flexible Commercial Term Options
    •  1-60 Month Term
    •  Term Extension
    •  Right of First Refusal
    •  Ramp In Flexibility
What is an Active/Active™ connected data center solution?
Fortress Data Centers is our ecosystem of data centers connected on our own fabric to achieve ultra-low latency solutions while providing Active/Active™ site replication for the highest grade disaster recovery solution patented and trademarked by our partner AxisFlow, part of the Colotivity family of companies.
Fortress Data Centers facts
Years Experience
We have over 45 years total experience from our team.
We have over 30 partners to best serve you.
We have 3 data centers on the east and west coast.
100k +
Sq. Ft.
Over 100,000+ square feet of data center to offer.
Need help? Call our team anytime at 800-940-0997
Fortress Data Centers Located at
274 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA.
Fortress Data Centers Logo Phone: 800-940-0997