About Us

About Us

Fortress Data Centers recognizes that not all data centers are created equal.  We understand that many factors come into play when selecting the right facility.  We are focused on providing the best solution with the best possible combination of price, term, and overall value.

Fortress Benefits

Colocation has become a popular option for companies with small, midsize, and large IT needs—especially those dealing in any online business—because it allows the company to focus its IT staff on the actual work being done, instead of the logistical support needs which underlie the work. Purpose built Data Centers possess significant benefits of scale (large power and mechanical systems) that are complex and expensive to maintain, especially when it is not your core business.

Benefits of Colocation Include:

  • A predictable and operational expenditure model (OPEX vs. CAPEX)
  • Additional capacity can be brought on quickly, cheaply, and only as needed
  • Better access to space and power
  • Experienced professionals managing your data center facility
  • The ability to connect to an ecosystem of partners
  • Lean infrastructure to manage during times of rapid business change
  • A better road map for disaster recovery

Fortress Colocation facilities provide:

  • Secure rack, cabinets, or cages
  • Power in a variety of configurations
  • Network connectivity – Fortress is a carrier neutral operator with Cross Connect options to a variety of carriers
  • Substantial cooling
  • Hot aisle containment
  • Physical security (sites may include video surveillance, biometric and badge access, logging, and the like)
  • Real-time live monitoring
  • 24×7 Operations
  • Same day Cross Connects
  • Grounding systems throughout Data Center

Among the economies of scale which result from outsourcing your Data Center in a Fortress facility included:

  • Higher reliability due to redundant systems
  • 24/7 monitoring by engineers
  • Lower network latency and higher bandwidth at a lower cost
  • Specialized staff which would not be cost effective for any single client to keep on the payroll
  • Higher levels of security

Major types of colocation customers are:

  • Web commerce companies, who use the facilities for a safe environment and cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet
  • Major enterprises, who use the facility for disaster avoidance, offsite data backup and business continuity
  • Telecommunication companies, who use the facilities to exchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and access to potential clients
  • eCommerce sites, who use the facilities to house servers dedicated to processing secure transactions online


Fortress sells to a wide range of customers, from Fortune 1000 enterprises to small- and medium-sized organizations.  The value proposition is that customers can retain full control of the design and management of their servers and storage, but turn over the daily task of managing data center and facility infrastructure to Fortress.

  • Cabinets – A cabinet is a locking unit that holds a server rack. In a multi-tenant data center, servers within cabinets share raised-floor space with other tenants, in addition to sharing power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Cages – A cage is dedicated server space within a traditional raised-floor data center; it is surrounded by mesh walls and entered through a locking door. Cages share power and cooling infrastructure with other data center tenants.
  • Custom Solutions – If you have a special requirement we are all ears.